Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Begonia plants and some older beauties!

I have never owned or tended to begonias so let the games begin!  First off, I had no idea there was such an enormous variety of begonias.  I don’t dare start with too many though because it makes me sad to lose a plant.  I’m all, “aw darn it, my lavender is all dried up.  Rats, what did I do wrong?”  And then I’m off to Home Depot to buy some more, maybe something a bit more heat tolerant in our Florida sun.

Here are three begonias that I bought from Logee’s in Connecticut.  Their names from left to right and then the one in back are Calla Lily, Northern Lights and Madame Queen.     

If you don’t live near Logee's in Danielson, Connecticut, like I don't, they have a site, and also a catalog which they sent with my delivery.  The instructions for the care of my plants were in the box also and so I will follow those and see what happens after I transplant them into clay pots with the appropriate soil. 

I’ve been a plant lover since I was a kid.  While the other kids were off playing, I’d be following my uncle around his garden patch and asking a thousand questions.  “You mean you put little seeds in the ground and got these carrots and you put a piece of potato in there and got a bigger potato!  I want to do that one day too, and why do you put poles up for the tomatoes and the peas?”  Those were glorious weekends and summer days and then back to the city we’d go where not even a blade of grass could be seen, except on Belle Isle.

One day about 15 years ago while delivery newspapers, I came across a poorly neglected plant at the curb of a really nice house and was a little upset that they were throwing it in the trash.  When I finished delivering the entire development, I hurried back to that house before the trash guys came and snatched up that neglected beauty.  Well, I hoped it would become beautiful with a little care...

...and lo and behold it did!  I keep this one on the patio and like I said, I’ve had it for about 15 years.  Sometimes it blooms with white pod-looking type flowers such as in an Easter Lily.  When the branches start hanging over, I transplant them into smaller pots.  Someone told me the name of it once but I didn't write it down.  Please let me know if you know what it is.  

This transplant is doing well at the front window.

And I keep this one at the front door on an old sewing machine table.

They are all thriving and when I decide the soil is getting too old, I will refresh it.  They are so easy to care for with a little fertilizer, water of course, and I simply peel their brown  stems when they become covered with remnants of their dead leaves.

How does your garden grow?



    1. Thanks, I've given this plant lots of tender loving care because someone threw it in the trash! Poor baby! I'm not sure about a green thumb because I don't have too much luck with flowering plants. I think just the calla lily begonia will flower so the other two should be safe! I'll soon see.