Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An exciting first night of Dancing with the Stars!

Dance, dance, dance!  Sorry for the grainy picture but I wanted to use one of mine which is an old one.  My partner and I are doing an exhibition dance during the Christmas holidays back in the stone age.
  I had on a blue velvet dress and blue suede shoes of course!  Do they even wear velvet anymore?

My sister and I are fans of Dancing with the Stars and have watched the show since the first season.  As entertaining as the first show of this season was, we still miss Harold Weaver’s wonderful band and spot-on singers who sang like the real McCoy.  I’m probably not going to miss the presence of Brooke Burke-Charvet because, well….she's a dancer and not really the best of hosts.  We chose her as the winner in Season #7 and she was quite the performer!  The new co-host Erin Andrews proved to be capable of asking questions as well as contributing to the conversation.  I think she did well for her first day although she needs to lower her volume just a tad.  She might have just been nervous which often causes some people to practically shout but then again, some women just talk loud.  I may be the one that will have to adapt which is fine because I already like her. 

I think we all might agree that Meryl Davis and Charlie White might have a leg up on the others considering they just won Gold in the Olympics, but Charlie already indicated that skate and dance routines are not the same and that he has much to learn.  Kristi Yamaguchi said almost the same thing before she went on to win back in 2009.  I think I saw her in the audience last night.  Anyway, just because Kristi won as well as did Apolo Ohno, it doesn’t mean that one of the skaters is bound to win the Mirror Ball Trophy.  Candace, NeNe, Danica, Cody, Drew and Amy performed very well their first time out.  Who wasn’t amazed with Amy, the skier who has two prosthetic legs?  I know I was blown away!  Not only that but she had just flown 16 hours to be here, landed on Friday, learned her dance routine and performed last night.  Like Len said, “A bronze at the Olympics and a 10 performance here.”  She actually got 3 eights though because of a couple of technicalities. Whatever!  That’s what the judges are there for, I think.  Hmm, I wonder if our just call-in votes couldn’t do the job just as well.  Nah, it would turn into too much of a popularity contest. 

I also wonder if Billy Dee Williams knew who else would be appearing before he agreed to make an appearance.  If so, then I commend him for his bravery and his determination which got him through his first performance.  He has had hip replacement surgery and indicated he has other health issues.  Just the same, I hope he is having fun like I’m having fun just watching him smile.  Who doesn’t love Billy Dee Williams!

I’ve read comments over the years about Cheryl Burke, like why doesn’t she get partners that she would have a chance with.  Huh?  Who is the contestant, her or her partner?   I for one don’t consider her to be a great choreographer like a few of the others and especially Derek.  I don’t think there is a person on earth Derek couldn’t teach how to dance.  He is undeniably the best with putting together winning performances and he knows how to get his partners to shake their booties when it is needed!

I think Diane Nyad will do better once she gets used to wearing ‘heels’ but she did pretty good last night.  It was pretty funny to hear her say something like, ‘our feet aren’t supposed to be in this position’.  Back in the day, I wore high heels every day and taught dancing in them too.  I actually had to learn how to walk in flat shoes without tripping all over the place but if I had to wear heels now, I would think the same as Diane Nyad.  It’s all in what we get used to I guess.       

I really enjoyed the first show of the season and saw lots of potential.  For the record, we’ve only missed once with picking the winner and that happened way back during one of the first seasons.  I just didn’t think that person deserved to win and when they aired a show later of past winners, that same person did poorly.  I rest my case!    

The performers this season look to be extremely challenging and I hope the judges can be objective with their comments and votes without allowing their personal feelings to cloud their decisions.   At least that is what seems to be the case but that’s just my opinion.  Still, I have to say that I almost barf when I watch Carrie Ann gush over some cute guy that she really likes.  Knock it off Carrie!       


  1. I haven't watched any episodes of the dancing with the stars because I haven't bought a TV yet since I moved to America... I was thinking I would buy it "later", and now several years later, I still have no TV. I think you should post your dance picture. I had taken ballroom dancing lessons when I was a teenager because my sister was totally into it and she won a few junior competitions in the Latin Dance category with her partner, also, my aunt and uncle actually are addicts and have been competing in all amateur competitions all over China. I took lessons because I tagged along my sister back then and my aunt and uncle were pushing me to enroll in their friend's school. Anyway, it was fun but I quit when schoolwork and all the college entrance exams and standardized tests became too overwhelming...

  2. How nice that you learned some ballroom dancing. I knew all the popular teenage dances so it was easy for me to pick up the tango, samba, rumba, cha-cha, swing, foxtrot, Vienna Waltz etc. but we didn't do all the lifts they do today. Over the back in the Swing maybe but not like in freestyle and jive. I wished I had pictures to put up but my boss kept them and never gave us copies. I didn't ask for any either. Oh well. How nice that your aunt and uncle compete. Pictures of that would be cool for your blog!