Tuesday, August 25, 2015

If I hadn't been watching Kathie Lee and Hoda....

It’s surprising what goes through one’s mind after watching Kathie Lee and Hoda and I mean that in a nice way although I only happened to be watching it today.  As I sat there drinking my coffee and munching Oreo’s, yeah I know, not a good breakfast, I missed who won the best curb appeal job because the power went out.  My vote went to Kathie by the way, but not only did the TV go out, my computer which is on wifi shut down too and then Windows 10 decided to do a slew of updates when I turned it back on, so I had to wait around for that.

 While I was waiting I decided it was a good time to make a phone call because I needed a new lawn mowing service.  

I never just make a phone call unless I have a good reason and the timing has to be right because I dread telephones!  I fired the second lawn guy yesterday who lasted one month more than the first guy.  I just didn’t think it was too much to ask him to use the weed whacker on the few cracks in the driveway where weeds grow and to take 5 minutes to rake the fronds up that were all over the lawn from the Madagascar tree!  It was fine with me if he wanted to bill me extra even though he agreed to do those things when I hired him.   I guess it was too much extra work though because he got all bent out of shape when I brought it up and now I’m hunting down another crew.  He was a crew of one and now I want a crew of two.  One will need to rake up the fronds and weed the driveway!

Wednesday 8/26/15:  Just an additional note to mention that I hired the guy that I talked to and texted Tuesday.  He gave me what I thought was a very reasonable price for what he says he will do in my yard which includes raking up the fronds, weeding the driveway, as well as pulling the weeds in the garden.  Yay!  When he found a weed in front of my ixora bush and said he would cut that, I figured he knew the difference between foliage plants and weeds.  Some lawn guys don’t like the first one who killed all of my coleus plants.

 While we were looking at the garden, I spotted the above bloom on my elephant ear plant for the very first time.  I didn’t even know they bloomed.  Not your regular type bloom but I think it is a flower just the same.  My Easter Lily used to bloom like that but not anymore yet a few of my houseplants do.

 This brings me to the best thing that was ever invented; the smart phone which I think we all love for browsing online and for texting and okay, for phone calls too!  

Unfortunately, when the power went out this morning, so did wifi on my phone which I assume is the reason I could not text, but maybe not.  Either way, I kept getting that annoying error code when I tried to send my address to George at the lawn service.  He has a thick accent and couldn’t understand where I lived when we talked on the phone so a text usually prevails in those cases.  The funny thing is he is the one who left a flyer outside my front door.  

When my texts failed to send after 5 or 6 tries, I got to thinking about another time my phone was acting up and I remembered what my phone service people told me; turn the phone off and then on again so things can reset themselves.  That worked again today and in a matter of seconds, I was able to send and answer several texts from George.  I might not have thought of that had I not been setting up the TV channel for my sister to watch her soap at 1 P.M. and if the power hadn't gone out near the end of Hoda and Kathie Lee’s show which I had gotten interested in.

I still have iPhone 4 because it fits in my pockets but there are some new apps that it can’t handle so I might be forced to get the newer, bigger version...maybe!  For today though, for those of you who may not know, if you have trouble at all with your phone, try resetting it by turning it off and then on again after 3 or 4 minutes.      

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We love it when the little ones come for a visit!

The two little girls in the family who are getting so big stopped by this morning and we looked at hundreds of their pictures in my files.  It was difficult to tell them apart when they were babies but I know who is who!  Their grandmother didn’t even recognize one of Jaycee when she was 4 months old.  Kennedy, who is 3, would see one of 2 year old Jaycee and say, “that’s me”, and I’d have to tell her it wasn’t but luckily the next one in line would be of her.  Every time they guessed the right picture, they jumped up and down and squealed, “That’s me, that’s me.”

Here they are looking at a slide view with about 200 pictures on a flash drive.   That was before we went to my computer room to look at hundreds more in my files.

Kennedy stopped off on my bed to check out the flashlight I keep on the nightstand.  Jaycee already tore the bed up earlier when she spotting my headphones over by the pillows.  Both of them are nuts about flashlights but their new Hello Kitty ones were in the other room packed up to take home.  I figure the batteries will be dead in those before nightfall though!

Jaycee is heading back to my computer room to check out a box she hadn’t seen before.  She’s the curious one and just wanted a look-see.  I watched to see if she would take anything out, which she did but then put it all back.  I guess she decided my big jar of thread in the hallway was more interesting.  I was just glad she couldn’t open it!

Both of them watered my plants on the patio and Jaycee wanted to water some more but couldn’t get the sliding door open.  She gave up the struggle when I told her the plants were taking their nap now.  Whatever works!

Kennedy decided she didn’t want her picture taken and so she is looking off at something else.  When she finally smiled I wasn’t ready and that picture came out blurry.   I take my chances with them – sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss!

Kennedy still pensive but they always leave us with something to smile about.  Today when Jaycee, the two year old, went into the living room she wanted to know where the puzzle was.  My sister and I had a completed one on the coffee table but after  Kennedy took it apart and most pieces ended up on the floor, I decided to throw it out.  But it was always on the table and so Jaycee asked about it.  Later, Kennedy wanted to know where the binoculars were.  They are so heavy I thought I should put them away but Kennedy wanted them and can handle them so I told her they were in the basket in the dining room.  She immediately got them out.  Those two never forget anything!    

We’ll be heading to their house next visit to watch them slide into the pool on their new slide.  See you then sweetie pies!   

Friday, August 14, 2015

“Make Your Place”, a book written and illustrated by Raleigh Briggs

This is one of those books that is not only cute, but quite funny in some of the descriptions and informative as well.   I say cute because everything was written neatly by hand including the content section and the pictures were drawn and not professionally photographed.  It truly is a handmade book about the homemade.  Some of the captions made me smile such as a coffee pot with a bubble above it saying “oh thank you” in response to someone cleaning it.  I like the small size too which will fit in my purse.  I’ll take it over to my niece’s house and show her how to make dry shampoo for her cat. 

There are recipes for items such as homemade shampoo and conditioner as well as facial cleansers and toners!  It seems the author was quite satisfied with what he learned at a DIY Academy and wished to share three topics in a book, this book.  They are “Health and First Aid”, “Non-Toxic Cleaning and Body Care”, and “Gardening”.  I especially like the section on Pest Control as well as ways to test your dirt for planting!

I’m sure most people know how to clean their coffee pots by now but I know some who don’t know the first thing about it.  And even though I know how to make a few household formulas that actual do what they are supposed to do, I don’t know everything and so I bought this book to see what else I might learn.

I like doing things the natural way and I also like to make stuff so this book turned out to be perfect for me.  I won’t mind trying some homemade shampoo or deodorant or even bleach for washing clothes.  All ingredients are quite safe but there are people who apparently like to taste things that smell good so the author included cautions also.    

This book is available on Amazon and has plenty of positive reviews for anyone who might be interested.  It was first published in 2007 and has had many reprints through 2014 which sounds like a winner to me.  Anyway, I found the link to it on Pinterest and I’m simply passing it forward!  I think it would make a perfect gift for just about anyone such as a college student for instance or a newly-wed.  Check it out!   Here’s the link: Make Your Place - on Amazon    

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some words about our beloved friend 'MW' who passed away a week ago today.

This is MW who often commented on my blog.  Here she is at our house several years ago toting her favorite beverage!

She was a most generous and compassionate person who gave of herself whenever and wherever she was needed.  She was like a mother hen who watched over everyone and although we are sad, just thinking about that part of her makes us smile!  The following poem fits her to a tee and if she were reading it today she would probably say, “You need to put that in a book!  When are you going to write your book?”

Love Is
Trish Castro

 Love is to give, to forgive and to savor how it feels. Love is family and friends, the strongest love that heals.

Love is holding on to dreams, creating all things new. Love is earth, togetherness our whole life through.

Love is thanks for what we have and never wanting more. Love is never saying no to friends but opening up our doors.

Love is showing love to one who doesn't know what love is. Love is feeding hungry mouths, whether yours, whether his.

Love is harmony beneath the sky, that roof above our heads. Love is giving of oneself ‘til everyone is fed.

Love is me; love is you and sharing all we know. Love is planting loving seeds so everyone may grow.

Love is seeing those who are weak and giving of our strength. Love is not to measure love but to explore its immeasurable length.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Pasta Fruit Salad from Mr. Food Test Kitchen

My sister usually watches the news at noon and just before they sign off, they have a cooking segment that she asked me to watch.  The guy called 'Mr. Food' makes some interesting recipes and so I decided to try the fruit salad he made the other day.   I actually have never made one with pasta and since pasta is one of my favorite foods, it sounded like a winner so I made it.  One regret is I wish my cantaloupe had been riper.  I bought one last week that was super delicious but the one I used for this salad could have ripened a little more.  The strawberries, pineapple chunks and grapes were good though!

Above are the ingredients you will need which are listed in the recipe here - Pasta Fruit Salad.  The recipe actually suggested corkscrew pasta but naturally there wasn’t any at the store I went to so I settled for Mezze Penne which I had in my pantry.  If anyone wanted to take this to a picnic, the corkscrew pasta would probably make a better presentation.

This is what it looked like before the dressing of pineapple juice, peach yogurt, honey, and sour cream.  It wasn’t one of the sweetest dressings so you might choose to use one of your own creations. 

After I mixed in the dressing which I think needed a little Cool Whip also, I had a taste before adding the strawberry halves.  Not bad but could have been better with a riper cantaloupe.  I ended up taking the strawberries off to mix with some sugar and the rest of the strawberries I had bought.  I ate them later on vanilla ice cream which was ‘sooo good’.  That’s what the guy always says at the end of his segment.

I’m not sure I would make this again unless I tasted all of my fruit first and I might even skip the pasta.  I don't think it added anything but filling but then, the corkscrew pasta would have been nicer looking….maybe.  I’ve seen other dressings such as honey and lime juice that sound good.  I suppose if all else fails, you could just eat your fruit plain!  I’ve been munching plain grapes for days!

Feel free to tell me about your fruit salad recipe!               


Monday, July 27, 2015

It’s good for me to reread some of my previous blogs and make the recipes again!

I find it strange that I haven’t made a shrimp dish in quite some time.  Actually it was the end of May when I made the Gemelli with Sugar Snap Peas and Shrimp from the June issue of Martha Stewart Living.  Lately, we’ve just been eating a lot of macaroni and cheese and carry-out but after reading some of the blogs my viewers are visiting I decided to make some of those recipes again.  One of them was the tomato sauce I make often after blanching and peeling fresh tomatoes, big ones and even the smaller grape size.    

You might remember the crispy potatoes I made last year on July 10th  - crispy potatoes After boiling for 5 minutes, cut the potatoes in chunks and mix with olive oil and fresh rosemary and bake at 450 for 35 minutes.  I made them one day last week.

I also made the above pictured baked chicken again with part of a package of Kraft Parmesan Cheese and Breadcrumb mix.  Kraft Parmesan Cheese and Breadcrumb mix It’s enough to cover a lot of chicken so I stored the rest of the package in the cooler drawer to use again.

I also made the above Orecchiette with Butternut Squash and Sage after finding a small squash at Publix.  I love Orecchiette and crispy sage leaves a lot and I’m almost sure Butternut squash is my favorite.  That dish is one of my favorites but I have leftover again because my sister doesn't like squash!

A couple of weeks ago I baked some chicken legs and mixed them with the leftover sauerkraut, onions and carrot mixture I had in the freezer from the Braised chicken legs with Sauerkraut that I made last November.  If you wrap it well, it holds up nicely in the freezer for 8 months.  Mine did!

I haven’t made the flourless cake yet and basically because I’m too lazy to separate 6 eggs and then melt chocolate.  Yeah, I know but I get like that after I’ve already done a thousand other things in the last few days such as backing up my files as a precaution for when Microsoft downloads Windows 10 starting Wednesday I believe it is.  I do not want to lose any of my pictures!

My BFF Lynn in her middle twenties.  I am going by the wide belt that I remember wearing when I was in my twenties!

Aside from cooking, I got a wonderful email from Lynn who went to our class reunion this year and I thought I would die laughing when she said there was no one there but a bunch of old people.  I graduated in 1963 so I’ll let you do the math, (wink), but I don’t think of myself as old!  Never have, never will!  Anyway, we had a really small senior class compared to a lot of schools so we pretty much knew most everything about our classmates.  I was sad to learn of the ones who passed and others who have illnesses but I don’t regret not going to the reunion.  I figured I would probably have a great time and then never see any of them again but instead would read of their passing.  I would much rather remember them as I always have, from a distance except for the ones I’ve always been close to.

And what have you all been up to so far this summer?  I think some of you must be away on vacation.  I’ve been missing your comments!    


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

When Life Gives You Tomatoes and Sweet Potatoes, Leftovers and Triscuits…

I seem to have a lot of good intentions that often don’t come to fruition because of time constraints.  The days go by so fast and by the time I get around to trying a new recipe, time is up.  I was going to make a Flourless Chocolate Cake today after watching Sarah Carey bake one the other day in a spring form pan.  I managed to get the ingredients I needed and I even have that kind of pan but I thought I should first do something with a large container of grape tomatoes that needed to be used up.  I haven’t been in a salad mood lately so I didn’t get any lettuce to go with those tomatoes so they’ve just been hanging around.  I usually feel lost without lettuce in the house but I’m sure I’ll survive for a few days more.

Some of you may remember my blog about blanching and peeling tomatoes that I posted last year in June.  Here’s a picture of the blanched and peeled tomatoes under the blade of my apple corer.

And here is the sauce I made with them.

The other day I got to wondering how long it would take me to blanch and peel all those grape tomatoes I had on the counter and so I found out.  I don’t like peel on my tomatoes for sauce!  For sure, it took quite a bit longer than it took to peel the larger size but the sauce was equally delicious!  I made the simple tomato sauce that I usually make with onions and garlic sautéed in olive oil before I add the tomatoes, salt and pepper but this time I used fresh oregano instead of basil and simmered it for about an hour after it came to a boil.  Yum!

 I had two meals with it already and this is what was left today which I covered with plastic wrap and will have for dinner. 

I plan to get more tomatoes at Costco just to make more of this sauce and freeze it in single portions.  I have a seal-a-meal but I like those Zip Loc Zip ‘n Steam bags which are good in the freezer too. 

 The other day I heated up this dish, (Gemelli with Shrimp and Sugar Snap Peas, May 26, 2015 blog), that I made 8 weeks ago and froze the leftovers.  They were just as good reheated which only took about 3 minutes to nuke in the Zip ‘n Steam bag.   

I thought I would take time to mention these great tasting Triscuit crackers that I’ve been eating like they’re going out of style.  I had the toasted coconut and sea salt that Martha created with avocado on it and another day I ate them with sliced pineapple and both times had to force myself to stop eating them.  The one on the right is made with less salt but just as good as any with regular salt. 

 Here are some with sour cream and a couple of blueberries.  Each box comes with recipes on the back that you can try such as chocolate and marshmallows heated under your broiler or you can create your own. 

I also decided to try one of those potatoes wrapped in plastic that you cook in your microwave for less than 10 minutes so I got a sweet potato.

 It cooked in 8 minutes and I ate it for lunch with butter of course, fresh ground pepper and coarse sea salt.  I like the crunch of that salt while eating soft foods.  Next to my potato is a picture of my dessert, Dry-Roasted Edamame with Spicy Wasabi.  Whew, really spicy so I removed the skins! 

I’ll be back when I get that flourless cake baked and hopefully soon. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

‘Happiness is’…is a short story I wrote after seeing a picture on Martha Stewart’s blog

Martha posted some nice pictures on her blog that she took of her farm and when I saw picture #7, I was inspired to write a short story.  My fern pictures come from a stencil I bought years ago from Martha by Mail catalog.  I simply colored it in on cardstock paper and then photographed it.   Below is what I wrote yesterday.  I hope you like it.   

Happiness Is…
By Trish Castro

The three-day holiday weekend was coming up and by adding the two sick days I had saved up, I was going to have a nice five day vacation.  I needed to get away for awhile; anywhere remote and surrounded by quietness to still my mind was of utmost importance.  Another day like today and if the guys in white coats had come to get me, I wouldn’t have fought them off! 

I’ve always been thankful for my job, but this week was just too much!  What was Mr. Rafferty thinking?  That we were capable of non-stop torture because his tires weren’t selling!  He might have told us sooner of the manufacturer’s strike in Ohio, but no, he gave us an ultimatum instead.  While we waited out the strike and subsequently for new tires to arrive, we were to work on diminishing the non-saleable stockpile in the warehouse or lose our jobs!  Well, if this was going to be my way out of the company, when and if the time came, I, Mary Lou Reese, was not going to fight it! 

Being young and single didn’t make me overly confident but I knew I could find another job if I needed one.  I enjoyed selling tires and I was good at it but working for Mr. Rafferty didn’t provide the most pleasant atmosphere nor the security I and the other sales persons needed.  Most of them were married with families and this job was their lifesaver.  I was happy to not have their responsibilities but being the low man, or more correctly, the low woman on the totem pole almost guaranteed a boot out the door if I underperformed!

I made up my mind that I needed to find that place I saw from the road one day while up in Connecticut pedaling a rental bike.  It was only two hours away by car and looked so quaint and inviting, that little cottage surrounded by beautiful ferns.  I love ferns but living in the city puts a damper on ever growing any of my own.  To watch them sway in the breeze mesmerizes me as they lean to and fro with each gust of wind great or small without a worry in the world.  I always thought that when I die, I wanted to come back as a fern!

It was my lunch hour and so I had to work fast if I wanted to locate that cottage online and know if it was available for rent.  I remembered seeing a rental sign close to the road the day I rode by but I couldn’t remember the name of it.  Click, click, search, search, Smithfield, Litchfield, Hay field?  Okay, now I was getting silly.  Let’s see, ‘Cottages for Rent’ by the week.  That is what I remember reading on the sign.  Aha, Westfield Acres I suddenly recalled, and a phone number too!  I jotted it down and quickly went for a walk outside.  I had 15 minutes of my lunch hour left and that was plenty of time to make my call.    

The woman at the other end had that kind of voice that comes from someone who smiles a lot, pleasant sounding and full of cheer, if you know what I mean.  “Yes, my little cottage is for rent beginning Friday but you will have to get here early if you want it because we’ll be leaving for the lake after lunch.  My husband has to work half a day or we might have been leaving in the morning.”  She explained.  “I actually didn’t think I was going to rent it at all until your call, and so I tell you what.  Be here early Friday morning and you can have it at half price for the five days!

Happiness is!  Well, it’s a lot of things but in my case, it was spending 5 glorious days at that adorable cottage.  I arrived bright and early and was invited to breakfast while the owner, Mrs. Westfield, and I took care of the rental details and then I was off to explore all that I could find.  There were babbling brooks and trees everywhere.  Squirrels scampered about and rabbits jumped over fallen logs.  Birds chirped their melodious songs and only in the distance could an occasional bark from a dog be heard.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more secluded!

I wandered the woods and made one trip to town for groceries but other than that, I could be found on a chair outside that beautiful, and beautifully named ‘Woodland Cottage’ surrounded by gorgeous ferns.  I allowed those ferns to mesmerize me with their branches swaying to and fro with the wind until my turbulent mind felt at ease.  It was a good feeling and one I planned to hang onto.  After that, whenever my job got a little more than just hectic, I would think about those ferns and again feel calm.  Maybe, just maybe, happiness to me is a fern!
The End


Monday, July 13, 2015

Grilled corn from July/August issue of Martha Stewart Living and a few more trial recipes

I didn’t exactly grill my corn on the grill but rather on my NuWave grill pan and got similar results.  Not the charred look but it cooked up nicely and as my picture shows, it left grill marks in the process.  When the corn began sounding like popcorn popping, is when I removed it from the pan.

Here it is on a plate with the bacon I cooked in the microwave and a couple of mayonnaise packets I picked up at a fast food restaurant.  We normally use Miracle Whip but I wanted to do the full treatment so I used the mayo packets.

This is what it looked like slathered in the mayo as the recipe says to do and with the crumbled bacon, Parmesan cheese, fresh pepper and fresh oregano.  Fresh oregano is fantastic and even better when you get it from your own plant like I did.  Yum!

Unfortunately, I don’t eat corn right off the cob but cut it off instead.  I’m always afraid my front tooth will lose its cap so no biting down in that area for me!  It was great just the same all mixed up on my plate and I ended up eating both ears.  My sister doesn’t like corn so she had bacon instead.

 Last week after I made the Peach Pie Crumble Bars I had some left over crumble so I used it in two mini pie pans and baked a sort of tomato tart.  I put fresh lemon juice and salt all over some grape tomatoes after I cut them in half and then baked them in the sweet crust with more crumble on top.  

They were really good!

On the 4th, we had steak that I wanted to marinate first but I only had one lemon so I decided to put all of the ingredients in the bullet along with the lemon peel and grind it all up.  The half cup of soy sauce turned the marinade a tan color but everything got mixed including the lemon peel.  It also had garlic powder, basil, parsley and Tabasco.  I liked it.

I also had to do something with some apples I had in the fridge so I sliced them thin with my little mandolin and made apple crisps.  I’m not sure I want to do that again even though they tasted good.  It was just too much work spreading out those thin apple slices on pans covered with parchment paper.  I soaked them first in fresh lemon juice to keep them from getting too brown before I put them in the oven.  Anyway, I had two cookie sheets of apple slices covered with cinnamon and sugar and it took a little over 2 hours to get the crisp result I wanted.  Do I dare say it?  Okay, the phone rang as usually and they actually got a bit crisper than I wanted but they were still good.  See them above with a turkey provolone sandwich on rye, slathered I might add with butter and not mayo or miracle whip.

On Saturday and just to use up the bacon, I made the above BLTs without bread.   I cooked the bacon in the microwave on our special bacon pan which takes 3 minutes, and then put a slice each in a lettuce leaf that had a bit of Miracle Whip, added the sliced tomatoes and some salt and had two breadless BLTs for lunch.

What kind of goodies have you all been rustling up?     

Monday, July 6, 2015

My Peach-Pie Crumble Bars tasted divine even though I can mess up a recipe!

My taste of the Peach-Pie Crumble Bar - Martha Stewart recipe at end of post.

I’m not a baker but once in awhile something catches my eye, like the Peach-Pie Crumble Bars I spotted in the July/August issue of Martha Stewart Living.  When I see goodness like that, I wonder if I can handle the recipe without messing it up too much.  I don’t do well with the sugar, flour and fruit mixtures that go into the oven but I try. Since I have a stand mixer now I decided not too much could go wrong but…!  I didn’t get flour all over the counter though like I usually do with my little hand mixer but I got it all over the sink as I worked at getting 2 cups of it out of the bag without getting it all over the counter.  I don’t keep it loose in a container because I worry about little bugs.  I hate little bugs!  I should have taken a before and after picture of the sink but I didn’t.

First thing I had to do other than preheat the oven to 375⁰ was to beat one stick plus 5 tablespoons of unsalted butter with 1 cup of sugar until it was fluffy.  How hard could that be?  Hard because my butter was not exactly room temperature yet!  Next I needed to add 2 cups of flour and a teaspoon of salt.  I’m always impressed when something basically dry except for the butter actually turns into a crust but it does; a crumble crust anyway.

I was supposed to use 2-1/2 cups of the crumble in the bottom of my buttered and also parchment paper buttered pan but I dumped the whole bowl in.  My pan was the wrong size with ½ inch extra on all sides so I figured I needed all of the dough anyway.  Don’t do as I did and handle it too much though as you use your fingers to spread it around the pan and only use what the recipe asks for to fit an 8x8x2 inch pan.  Otherwise your crust will be hard and you won’t have anything to crumble on the top once you put the fruit in.  Luckily my butter and flour was still out and I hadn’t washed the bowl or the paddle yet so I mixed up half a batch of butter, sugar, flour and salt and made more crumble.

The peaches I bought to fill this ‘pie’ is another story but here it goes anyway.  

I bought them on Friday and put them in the cooler drawer in the plastic bag.  Saturday morning after I finished filling medicine containers, I decided I would make the peach bars so I took out my bag of peaches.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything ripen so fast in my life as these peaches had!  As a result, I had to work feverishly to peel them and cut as much as I could into a ½ inch dice before they ripened anymore before my eyes.  I think I ended up with more than the 3-1/2 cups needed but I used them all anyway because I forgot to measure what I needed.  I had peach juice all over the cutting board and counter, skin and pits in the sink and a big mess to clean up before I could even start the crust, but I didn’t clean it up.  Hence, my big mess in the sink with peach skins, pits, and then flour all over that. 

I planned to use my NuWave oven but guess what?  After I had the pan all ready to go in, I realized it wasn’t the pan that fits my NuWave oven.  I needed to use a round pan.  My sister says, “Can’t you just switch the pans?”  Are you kidding me!  “NO, I answered, “now please go into your room and turn on your air filter because I have to use the stove oven for an hour.  “But I don’t like the smell of peach juice burning in the oven!”  She says.  “I won’t burn it now please go before my peaches turn to mush!  They’re ripening by the second!”

I was watching the time carefully until the phone rang.  Why does the phone always ring when I’m cooking?  Anyway, the crust got a bit overly-baked as you can see in the above overly-lit picture but I decided to worry about that later.  Luckily no juice spilled and burned in the oven but I needed to get the pan out on a rack to start cooling, and 20 minutes later I was to remove it from the pan and cool completely for an hour before cutting. 

Almost cooled enough for cutting.

I didn’t wait the full hour though so of course I didn’t get perfect bars but I planned to store them in containers anyway so that’s what I did before tasting one.

Another view so I can say, "Not bad eh, considering!"  

 Here is the recipe: Peach-Pie Crumble Bar If I can do it, you can do it better!  You will love them!