Thursday, April 24, 2014

Translucent Vellum flower cones and Candle Holder Covers - Templates on Martha Stewart site

My translucent vellum paper arrived from WalMart and I copied all nine flower templates from Martha's site, as seen on the cover of May Martha Stewart Living.  They transfered very nicely as you can see in my picture. 

You can also cut and tape the vellum evenly on the outside of a clear glass container and light a candle on the inside or maybe you have clear candle holders/jars like I do.  Either way, the flowered vellum is very nice!  You might want to have a look at the templates and use as you wish. 

Have you ever heard of such a thing? I mean Gross! (Kidding!)

Kate Middleton wiping little George's dribble.  You can see the Getty image here.

Which brings me to:

I try to edit my blog before posting but I still find mistakes and have to go back and edit some more, and still don’t correct everything.  If the sentence structure is not too bad, I sometimes just leave it because I don’t have the time to reword sentences.  I do try my best though and I’m almost sure others do the same!      

In the morning is when I usually check my emails on Yahoo and on my homepage there is always a picture slide of daily news playing.  If something interests me, I will follow the link.  The following headline caught my eye this morning because of the word ‘Gross’. 


Kate Middleton’s Classic (and Gross) Mom Move We’ve All Done a Million Times

By | Parenting – 16 hours ago

Below is a line from the page - and a link to the article. 

So I read the article and when I got to ‘her and Will are determined’ in the sentence below, I said to myself, “that figures”.  I’ll let you figure out what I was thinking.

The following sentence is what the author, Lori Richmond wrote:

“I personally love seeing Kate do "real mom" things - it's clear that her and Will are determined to make their little Prince's life as charmed in reality as possible. “   (Her and Will?)

Next the same author wanted to know “What are the ‘grossest’ things you’ve done as a parent.”  Grossest?

Unfortunately, grossest is a word, an adjective but not one I would use no matter what. It sounds moronic like ‘mostest’ which isn’t a word.  In other words, one would not ask, “What grossest thing have you done the mostest?”  Or would they?

If you don’t want to bother reading the article, I will tell you that dear Kate wiped the dribble off of her baby’s mouth and then got rid of it on the hem of her dress.  Allow me to say, OMG, WOW, GROSS!  The world is surely coming to an end!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

May issue of Martha Stewart Living presents…Spaghetti with Tuna and Caper Sauce!

It’s been a busy day for me but I finally got some time to make the Spaghetti with Tuna and Caper Sauce from the May issue of Martha Stewart Living.  It’s in the recipe cards for “What’s for Dinner?” and you can see a video here.  Thomas Joseph who prepared the dish in the video called this meal delightful, which is a nice word but…wow, omg, yum, yowza, and this is so good fit the description better.  I mean what a fantastic dish!

At first I thought the tuna was going to be too fishy for my taste so I only used one of the two jars I bought which amounted to almost 7 ounces.  Next time I will use 2 jars!  Really, tuna has never tasted so good so if you can get the filets/fillets in a jar with olive oil, you will be doing yourself a favor.  If you make this for your mom on Mother’s day, any and all of your oopsies will be forgiven!  It is that good!

Here’s the same picture of the ingredients I used in my last blog minus the pepper that I actually forgot to use.  I didn’t think this dish could get any better but for my next helping, I will add some fresh pepper and see what happens!

While 12 ounces of spaghetti is cooking...

....Heat a pan up and add the 3 cloves of sliced garlic and the tuna fillets which has olive oil so you won't need to add any more oil here.  I broke the fillets up just a tad because of the fishy-ness thing with me.  But this tuna is divine, not the least bit fishy so you can leave it chunky like Thomas Joseph did.  Two jars will have about 8 yummy fillets.  Saute/cook for about 5 minutes.

 Next, add the 1 tablespoon of capers and a pinch of pepper flakes and cook for about 30 seconds.

Add 1 cup of the reserved spaghetti water, bring to a simmer...

...then add the cooked pasta.  Simmer and toss a few times until liquid is reduced to a sauce.

Remove from heat and stir in 1 teaspoon of lemon zest, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of olive oil... 

...and ¼ cup roughly chopped parsley and season with pepper.  Add a few more tablespoons of pasta water and stir until all is coated.  

Serve sprinkled with more pepper flakes if you like and don’t forget to breath between bites!   

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter fun with bunny rabbits and an egg hunt

We always have fun when we visit our niece and her grandchildren even though grandma was a little tired out on Easter.  She just got home the other day from the hospital after 4 days with Cellulitis most likely as a result of diabetes which was discovered from her blood tests.  Unfortunately it runs in her family – her dad had it also and we tried to have her get checked out but she’s kind of stubborn.  We just hope she sticks to her new eating plan! 

The girls looked so cute in their Easter dresses…dirty faces and all!

…and Kennedy, the oldest at 2 found a sucker she wasn’t supposed to have.  Proof is in this picture but grandma took it away immediately!  Jaycee is still teething and probably would have loved to have one too but we’re all glad Kennedy didn’t give her one when no one was looking.

It is better that Jaycee chews on her toys….I guess!  She puts everything into her mouth and so it is best to keep her in her playpen.  She is 1 years old and has been walking for awhile but gets into anything she can reach, so her playpen is the safest place.

 There were a lot of stuffed rabbits around and I thought I had grabbed one to put in the high chair but where are the long ears?  Hmm, it looks more like a bear.  Oh well, we had fun playing bouncy ears with the other stuffed rabbits and then everyone went outside to look for Easter eggs.

Back at home, while recuperating from a big dinner, I was sitting at the table in the family room and noticed this view down the street looking east.  It was 7:30 P.M. and the sun was practically down in the west yet still shined through the trees and onto the middle of the street.  It looked so nice!

   I’ve got all the ingredients to make the Spaghetti with Tuna and Caper Sauce that I talked about from the Martha Stewart Living May issue in the “What’s for Dinner?” recipe cards.

 I’ll post that dish tomorrow and later I’ll make the Shrimp with Tomatoes, Spinach and Rice.  I’m still so full from delicious glazed ham I don’t want to think about tuna and shrimp just yet!  Salads only today!  I hope all of you had a great Easter and thanks for visiting my blog.  It is nice to get so many visitors from all over!  Thanks again!  


Friday, April 18, 2014

I wish you all a very blessed Easter!

Today is Good Friday and as a Christian, I commemorate it as the day when Jesus gave up his life for us.  On this day He was crucified and died on the cross so that all who believe in Him will have eternal life.  I am not a real religious person but I am very spiritual and I believe in and love the Lord with all my heart.  Good Friday is always a sad day for me but Sunday is coming!  May you all have a very blessed Easter! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Martha Stewart Living May 2014 issue is loaded with good things!

And yes, I know you love the cover!  Me too and the first place I went was to "On The Cover" in the Contents just to get the directions on how to make those cones.  Here’s the link -  There are nine clip-art patterns and then you will need to buy translucent vellum paper to print them on.  Walmart has it at $8.22 for 30 sheets.  I checked online already - Translucent VellumFill the cones with grocery store flowers are make your own and there are directions for that in this issue also – see “Fabric Flowers Are Forever”.  You do remember that May 11th is Mother’s Day right? 

A few pages before the DIY fabric flowers and vellum cones, Martha writes about technology and I like reading about new tech products.  I may not need as many as she has but it’s good to know they are out there.  I never specifically go browsing on the web or anywhere else for those things but I appreciate that she does and is willing to report back to us.  Her remote control drone looks like something my son would be interested in.  I’m surprised he doesn’t have one already but he’s a little busy with his new motorcycle gear at the moment so…  The Fitbit Flex and smart scale monitor sound interesting also.  The scale can monitor weight, body fat and BMI and the Flex band can monitor sleep patterns.  I wonder if the scale has a voice that says “you’re too fat” or if the Flex band will say “wake up, you’re snoring again!”  I could use both of those!  The scale costs $130 and the band is $100 and I think either one would make a great Mother’s Day gift.  I’ll drop a hint to my son and maybe he’ll catch on by Christmas! 

I have been so hungry for baked potatoes lately, and then this May issue came in the mail with 5 different ways to eat one.   It’s like they read my mind!  On the other three recipe cards you will find “Spaghetti with Tuna and Caper Sauce” and “Shrimp with tomatoes, spinach and Rice”, and “Polenta with white-bean and roasted-pepper ragout” that I must try.   I have never eaten polenta.  Also, check out “Quiche 101” and “Better Basics” with new twists on old favorites.  I’m glad I bought a big bag of potatoes so after I bake a few; I can make the ones that taste like French fries but are not deep-fried.  Wait until you see the quartered chicken with herb sauce that you can make to go with the potatoes, or do the potatoes go with the chicken?  Either way, you might as well get your chicken and rosemary now because you’ll want to try both of these recipes.  While you’re at the store, don’t forget this issue because there are more good things to read about but I saved those surprises for you.  Think flowers and bulletin boards though.   

That’s it for now because I’m off to finish reading about the 20-room Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Say that fast five times!  It’s on page 90 and I’m already wishing I was staying there in one of the rooms!  I think I better make copies of those clip-art patterns first.        

Monday, April 14, 2014

Forced Arbitration Clauses/Laws must be banned!

Patients sit in the TV room in their wheelchairs after breakfast until lunch, after lunch until dinner and after dinner until bedtime.  If their funds haven’t run out, some will go to therapy and before dinner, they can also be wheeled down to the music room if they so desire.  Most never go outside unless family visits and wants to wheel them out.  After 5 months of visiting my sister, I was quite familiar with this nursing home's routine.
Just this morning I read the following from this source.

“More and more nursing home corporations are using forced arbitration clauses as a way to avoid accountability for their negligence.  Inserted in the fine print of lengthy admission documents, many families are unaware they have signed away their rights until something tragic happens.
Families who face the stress and anxiety of placing a loved one in a nursing home are often in a frazzled state when signing these contracts and sometimes have no other options for care.  Nursing homes frequently use tactics like allowing family members with no power of attorney to sign, asking patients with dementia or other debilitating conditions, forcing elderly spouses to sign and even gathering together a group of seniors without family members present in order to force them to sign.”

And from another source "Have You Signed Away Your Right to Sue I derived the following information:

It appears that "judges love arbitration."  It was reported in the above article that they don’t want lengthy expensive trials and overcrowded dockets especially when some of those same District Court judges can become arbitration judges also, making upwards to 10,000 a day. I say that certainly adds considerably to their base salaries of $165,200 which was also mentioned in the article.  
I know of one nursing home in particular that does little to help patients.  As soon as their Medicare runs out, the patient’s therapy treatments end and they don’t even inform the family until it is too late. Too late means that regular therapy to learn how to walk again won’t work.  By this time, the patient has gone without walking for so long that a personal therapist would be needed which would cost money if the patient remains in the nursing home.  But, if they are discharged from the nursing home or the hospital, they would then be eligible for home care/therapy for which Medicare would pay.  

When one of my sisters was a patient in a nursing home and her medical ran out, the nursing home did not inform us.  They simply kept her in a wheelchair or in her bed with no chance of learning how to walk again as they did what?  Apparently they were waiting for her to wither away and die.  All the while, we thought she was getting therapy when it had run out weeks before and when we asked why she still couldn’t walk, they’d say her medicine was making her groggy and so she missed some therapy lessons or she had swollen feet or a sore and so they kept her in bed.
Nursing homes get billions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid and it looks to me that they want to keep it all for their own use.  That clearly explains why they are so fond of forced arbitration clauses in their contracts and why they don’t worry about being accountable for their own negligence.  All I can say from experience is, “Don’t sign those kinds of contracts before discussing it with your lawyer.”  It is true that shortly after a patient is admitted, things begin to show up in their medical files.  It might be an unexplained scratch on their arm, swollen feet, a bruise on their buttocks, a trip to the hospital for a blood transfusion and trust me, they don’t give the patients enough fluids to drink.  Muscles get weak and cramp up without daily fluids and especially water. 
They also put most patients in diapers and assume they all have their movements at the same time every day because this particular nursing home follows a schedule of changing diapers.  Too bad if your movement was two hours before lunch; you will not be getting changed until one hour after lunch!   If a patient yells for an aid to help her walk to the restroom, the aid will only assist if another aid can stay in the room and watch the other patients.  They have even asked me to keep an eye out for anyone trying to get out of their chairs.  Clearly, they do not have a big enough staff!
Nursing homes need to make a living too with paying customers but beware when your money runs out and Medicaid might be pending.  Who knows what might happen when your bed is needed by someone who isn’t waiting for Medicaid to lend a helping hand!